hypnotherapy to quit smoking

Hypnotherapy to quit smoking has a fantastic success rate, but that success is highly reliant on your total commitment to be a non-smoker. Smoking is a habit many people are desperate to overcome – especially now that the known health risks and public perception has made smoking so socially unacceptable.

Many smokers have tried to give up in the past, often repeatedly, and somehow quickly find themselves hooked again.

If your ready to quit this life-threatening habit for good, I can help you to resolve  the underlying cause and successfully live your life 100% smoke free.

I will only take on clients who are determined to eliminate cigarettes from their lives forever. If you’re still on the fence, undecided or not sure then let me reassure you that I won’t waste your time or mine.

Many people successfully stop after just one or two sessions, however what a lot of therapists fail to educate clients about is a common side effect called ‘symptom substitution’.

Our subconscious mind is a clever operating system and often times smoking is unknowingly used to avoid dealing with stress or other underlying emotional issues. So, when the underlying cause is not addressed during the therapy process,your subconscious will attempt to substitute some other comfort behaviour for  smoking. Examples of this can be overeating (hense weight gain is a common complaint of ex-smokers, drinking, gambling etc…

This is why I also offer services to facilitate a process for you to heal the subconscious root cause that will not only help you stub out your last cigarette but also offers reassurance that comes from knowing that you’ve dealt with the underlying cause and can successfully live your life healthier, happier and 100% smoke free.


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