hypnotherapy for jealousy

Most of us have experienced jealousy at some point in our lives. Perhaps we feel envy over someone else’s success or maybe we feel that stab of jealousy when someone we love gives attention to someone else.

But when jealousy is threatening your internal well-being or is effecting your relationships with other people, then it’s signal to do something about it.

It’s likely though that underneath the jealousy lies some unresolved feelings around low self-esteem resulting from past experiences or conditioning.

This hypnotherapy for jealousy treatment is designed to help you to feel good about yourself and regain your ‘centre’ and sense of self-worth and security.

Allowing yourself an authentic sense of confidence and self-worth, is an essential part of having a good relationship with yourself, and is the foundation all your relationships; friends, family, career as well as intimate.

By building that sense of self I can help you to reach a point where jealousy, whether of others or within a relationship, becomes a thing of the past.


hypnotherapy for jealousy





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