hypnotherapy for fears & phobias

Statistics estimate that more than 11% of the population have some kind of phobia.

People with phobias experience unwanted responses to a certain stimuli. If you have a phobia you’ll know about it because…

The physical response you feel when it’s triggered is known as a stress response.

Some common physical reactions include sweating, accelerated heart rate, rapid shallow breathing, feeling ‘paralysed with fear’ or ‘wanting to run away’ from whatever is triggering the response.

Most people suffering from a phobia will go to great lengths to avoid the situation or circumstance that triggers the reaction.

There are two common ways a phobia is developed:

  • A behaviour that is learned (usually earlier in life)
  • Or after a traumatic experience

Left un-addressed, the message is often reinforced. And with repeated exposure it’s likely to develop into a stronger response pattern.

My approach forr hypnotherapy for fears & phobias is to address the root cause of the phobia, which reduces the risk of the subconscious mind to replace the phobia with another non-desirable coping mechanism.

I also work closely with you to reduce the phobic fear response and increase your ability to stay calm and largely unaffected when confronted with the trigger.


hypnotherapy for fears & phobias





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