hypnotherapy for eating disorders 

If you’re battling with an eating disorder like anorexia, bulimia or binge eating and have made the decision to overcome it for good, then I am here and ready to help.

Most people suffering with an eating disorder focus on the food, believing that by controlling food intake or their weight they have control over this aspect of their lives and the emotional pain they may feel. But the reasons for eating disorder behaviours likely go so much deeper than what, how or  how little is eaten on a daily basis.

By helping my clients to resolve the emotional challenges that lie at the root of their eating disorders, the relationship they have with food changes.

Hypnotherapy for eating disorders sessions focus on building self-esteem because it’s those unacknowledged, unvalidated feelings as well as unresolved problems that have a way of expressing themselves through behaviours like overeating, purging or strictly controlling and denying food.

I will help you discover the reason for the unwanted and damaging behaviour and empower you with a new way of thinking, and new beliefs that will enable you to see food and yourself in a healthy and nourishing way.

This treatment helps to break the destructive cycle of bingeing, yo-yo dieting or self-starvation, and instead builds self-esteem to enable them to rediscover a healthy, balanced approach to food and their body.


Hypnotherapy for Eating Disorders





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