hypnotherapy for confidence 

Loss of confidence and lack of self-esteem can have a significant effect on how we live our lives. Everyone goes through periods where our sense of self-worth is low, but for many people this can become the norm, even progressing to the point where it becomes debilitating.

Self-esteem issues stem from thoughts and feelings we have about ourselves. Mostly because of the way our mind processes information – it’s often the case that when you take a closer look, you find yourself regarding yourself the same way you and friends and family did when you were a child. This makes it difficult to step into a more empowered version of yourself in the present.

This unhelpful sense of self can also be  triggered by an event in later life – perhaps a failed relationship or the loss of a job.

Hypnotherapy for confidence and self-esteem will help clear and re-programme the patterns of unhelpful behaviours, thinking and beliefs that have now become barriers to self-worth.

Using hypnotherapy, we replace outdated and disempowering patterns with positive feelings, beliefs and behaviours to help you to achieve what you want and feel good about being you.

Clients develop a real sense of mastery that influences real-life experiences like social settings, job interviews and public speaking.


Hypnotherapy for confidence & self-esteem





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