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How To Naturally Whiten And Care For Your Teeth

Let’s have a chat about how to naturally whiten and care of your teeth. You’ll be surprised at the many ways you can care for your teeth that don’t specifically involve just your tooth brush and fluoride. 

The first surprising treatment that is more or less effortless is getting enough vitamin D from the sun. Interestingly, vitamin D is the primary hormone responsible for the creation of osteoblasts which are the foundation of new bone!  Who would have thought that the sunlight could help you naturally whiten and care for your teeth?

3 Things to avoid for optimal teeth health and why

1. Lollies
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Firstly, you likely already realise that lollies and candy are bad for your teeth. Unfortunately, because lollies are so chewy, they are able to stick to your teeth for a long period of time resulting in sugar hanging around for too long and causing damage. Secondly, did you know that sour lollies are a lot worse than your average piece of candy? Interestingly, sour candy is much higher in different kinds of food acids. This means that sour lollies are a double dose of harmful chemical reactions that aren’t doing your pearly white teeth any favours. 

2. Bread

I was surprised when learned this too, however I realised that it must be true because bread gets stuck around my teeth all the time! Interestingly, when we chew on bread our saliva breaks the starches of bread down into sugar. That chewy, paste-like bread can get stuck between the crevices of your teeth and overtime, if not cleaned thoroughly, is known to cause cavities. Moreover, it’s the same story for potato chips too. This is because they are loaded with starch as well as sugars and act in the same way as bread and therefore, get stuck between teeth!

3. Alcohol

I’m sure this one isn’t surprising either, but here’s why; alcohol is severely dehydrating, therefore a dry mouth lacking in saliva is harmful to your teeth. Saliva prevents food particles from sticking to your teeth and naturally washes out the mouth and aides in overall oral hygiene. 

How you can naturally whiten and care for your teeth

Quality nutrition

One important nutrient which can be easily sourced through a balanced diet is calcium. This is because your teeth are partially made from calcium compounds. Unforunately, as you age your calcium phosphate (which makes up your tooth enamel) can weaken. A diet with optimal calcium will reduce the risk of erosion therefore prolong the health of your teeth.

3 Calcium Rich Foods for White Healthy Teeth

1. Leafy Greens

A cup of kale or collard greens are found to be jam packed with calcium. However, if you aren’t a fan of these greens, they can be will hidden in a sweet banana smoothie.

2. Beans

Beans and soy beans have a surprisingly high amount of calcium and can be thrown into to any savoury dishes like salads, poke bowls, soups and even your bolognese sauce!

3. Almonds

Almonds are always a great, easy on the go snack and have a considerable amount of calcium. Try soaking them for a few hours to activate the enzymes within them for optimal nutritional value!

Other foods that naturally whiten and care for your teeth


Apples strengthen your gums and are amazing for your teeth health. We can thank their crispy texture for this as it helps cleans your teeth as you bite and chew! Therefore apples are great to naturally whiten and care for your teeth.


Celery is full of healthy salts that are play an important role in the production and function for calcium. This vegetable is also a fantastic source of vitamin K, which is a key factor for healthy bones. Another awesome thing about celery is that when you bite into its tougher texture, it acts as dental floss. Therefore eating just one celery stick a day is similar to flossing your teeth and cleaning them out! 

What if you already are faced with teeth issues like gingivitis? 
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A salt water gargle, using Himalayan salt is best for gingivitis. Doing a simple salt water gargle 3 times a day is highly likely to kill off oral infections and will help manage the bad bacteria present in your mouth.

3 ways to naturally whiten teeth and boost oral hygiene

  1. Steer away from toothpaste containing fluoride. This is because too much fluoride can lead to skeletal fluorosis which unfortunately has the ability to damage bones and joints.
  2. Use a toothpaste without any unnecessary chemicals. These are becoming more readily available and affordable from mainstream supermarkets so your local supermarket should stock one. Otherwise checkout your local health food store and you’re sure to find a good variety to choose from!
  3. Charcoal or activated charcoal is a pure mineral. Here’s how it works; brushing your teeth with some charcoal locks in all the calcium and minerals into your teeth. Activated charcoal also detoxifies the mouth balancing out the bacteria and other molecules in your mouth. Interestingly, I have found that charcoal whitens my teeth with just one brush! This doesn’t need to be in your everyday routine however once every week or two is recommended for natural white teeth.

Here’s how you can make your own natural toothpaste!

Here’s what to use and why:

Bicarbonate of soda: Bicarb soda has an abrasive nature which is very capable of removing built up plaque on teeth. There is also an alkaline element to bicarb soda which assists in removing discolourations.

Wintergreen: Provides a natural flavouring aspect to homemade toothpaste 

Peppermint or Spearmint Essential Oils: Both of these essential oils are a wonderful and natural way to get your homemade toothpaste tasting great and leaving you with fresh breath.

Clove essential Oils: Clove has not only been found to assist in bad breath but it also has been proven reduce tooth pain and help reduce gum disease! 

“Teeth aren’t pearly, until you smile.”

– Anthony Liccione

In Summary

In summary there are many different ways you can look after your teeth. It’s best to shift around what you brush our teeth with regularly, therefore it’s recommend to mix it up between a high quality toothpaste, homemade bicarbonate tooth paste and charcoal! Also, don’t feel like you can’t enjoy a treat like a lollie once in a while. It’s important to treat yourself every now and then! Just make sure that when you treat yourself to these kinds of foods, that you floss and give them a good clean afterwards!

This fascinating study discusses how herbal mouth washes are proven to be as beneficial as chemical based mouthwashes, and delves into their increasing popularity.

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