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Finding Your Why: The Power of Purpose in Business

Our “why” is our purpose. It’s what drives us. It’s what keeps us waking up in the morning and moving through life. Nobody can tell us what our “why” is. It comes from the lessons we learn, the things we see and experience. It’s a part of our individual journey in this world. We all have a “why”, but sometimes we need to be reminded of what we are passionate about. 

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” —Mark Twain.

Many of us get stuck in the daily grind, caught up by our ravenous need to replenish our finances and maintain our livelihood. We end up caring more about the numbers in our bank account than enriching our souls, without ever realizing that we can do both. 

Finding Your Purpose Attracts Profits

In today’s society, we hear a lot about predatory capitalism and mindless consumption. It seems like we live our lives buying into a ravenous system that ploughs through the planet’s resources, preying on the unwitting consumer. It seems like we don’t have a voice. All we can do is watch as we’re torn apart by an unstoppable, profit-driven machine. 

But we do have a voice, and that message is spreading. People are starting to realize that they can use their interests, time, skill, knowledge and dollars to enact real change in the world. 

Studies show that more than 70% of consumers say that they want to know that the brands they support are working to correct social and environmental issues. Nearly half of consumers watch closely. They’re skeptical of corporate motivations, and they’re unwilling to continue giving in to immoral practices that have become synonymous with the modern market. This is especially true with millennials and the younger generation Z, who are being forced to learn from the mistakes of the generations that have come before them. 

Finding Your ‘Why’ = Finding Who You Serve

There is a lot that we can do to profit from this trend of global awareness, and that doesn’t mean that we have to take away from our work or our downtime. Businesses that are willing to make a difference are more likely to attract customers. And there are tools out there that will allow us to leave the traditional corporate model, give up on mindless sales, fire our bosses, and go into business for ourselves. 

The world is connecting. There is a digital network spanning the entire globe, and we can use that network to provide solutions in the form of products and services to an international customer base. Large companies are making the switch. They’re tearing down office buildings, abandoning utility bills and construction costs for laptops and webcams. There’s no reason that we can’t join in and do the same. But first we have to find our “why” and that means getting back in-touch with what we are truly passionate about. What’s the point of working remotely or starting a business if that business doesn’t enrich the soul? Man cannot live on bread alone. We need to enjoy ourselves, discover our voice, and live everyday for something that matters. 

Discover What You’re Passionate About

Too much time is spent focusing on what we should do, instead of who we are. Many of us don’t have something that drives us and keeps us waking up in the morning. We get up because if we don’t go to work, we won’t be able to pay our bills. We stick with our careers, even if we hate them, because we don’t see any other way out. Let’s face it, that has absolutely nothing to do with our wants or our desires. If we want to find our “why”, we have to take a risk and ask ourselves the following questions:

What makes us come to life?

The things that we truly enjoy doing should have a central place in our lives. To many, that’s a destructive statement. It means giving up on work, spending time being lazy and wasting away, but far too many people fail to realize just how many opportunities are available to us. What are you truly passionate about? Think about what do you spend your “spare time” doing? What do you spend your money on? Taking a close look at these two things will provide you with some powerful clues.

What are our strengths?

Everyone is great at something, even if we don’t know what that something is. Often work has nothing to do with our strengths. It’s something that we’re forced to stick with and learn. It’s possible to utilize skills that are learned in the workplace, but it’s not essential to success. Switching industries could be a great way to begin a new career, if it’s something that we’re good at. 

Where can we add the greatest value?

Once we’ve identified our strengths, we should ask ourselves which one of those strengths can be turned into a profitable skill, and which of those skills would be the most profitable. 

All of these questions tie in with one another. A career should be enjoyable, profitable and something we’re good at. So long as we’re dedicated, and all of those things are a part of the final equation, then success is inevitable. But that won’t necessarily bring us to our true purpose. There’s one last question that we have to keep in mind: 

What purpose would we like to dedicate ourselves to?

Our cause should fit well with the other factors in our decision-making process. Our “why” should be something that we are passionate about, or we won’t keep pushing forward to enact change. It won’t drive us. It should be something that we have the skills to influence. If we’re not actually changing anything, then we won’t care enough to keep moving forward. We should also be able to see the progress that we’re making. Milestones will encourage us on our journey, so we can keep running and are inspired to continue investing our time and effort. That’s what it means to truly be driven, and that’s a path to finding your “why.” 

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Turning Why into How 

The world has changed more in the past century than it has in the past thousand years. We live in an exciting time. What was true 20 years ago is no longer true today. So forget the old doctrine when it comes to doing business. We don’t have to rely on the traditional corporate model anymore. Working at home is a viable career option, and anyone can make a living online doing what they’re truly passionate about. It is possible, but it’s important to seek guidance. 

There are people who have already gone through this process. They know the pitfalls and the opportunities, and they can help you succeed. That’s one of the reasons why I love Six-Figure Mentors. They have everything you need from courses to actual mentors who will help make sure that you’re progressing on the road to success. Their All-In-Package is the perfect, all-purpose go-to for anyone starting their own business. They’re also offering a free course called How to Make Your 1st 10k Online, where you’ll gain a pragmatic toolset that will allow you turn your dream into a reality. Sign up for the course below. 

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