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9 Ways You Can Start Living Your Own Dream This Year!

It’s scary to wake up and realize you don’t enjoy your job. It’s even scarier taking the leap to achieve success in your dream business. If you’re scared of taking the plunge, read on for the top 9 ways you can start living your own dream. People often tell us that we should be cautious and take what we can get, or to be thankful for what we have…

But is that really the way we ought to be living our lives? In a career we hate, making money for other people, doing things we don’t want to do?

It is most definitely not the best way to live a fulfilling life!

9 Ways To Start Living Your Own Dream

1 – Stop making Excuses; Start looking for Reasons

It’s a trap that’s so easy to fall into. We may not like our current job, but it does pay the bills. And in today’s world, that IS something to be grateful for. Unfortunately it also holds us back from trying something new. Because we become so comfortable with the stability it becomes easier to make excuses NOT to stretch ourselves.

So instead of making excuses we should instead spend our valuable energy looking for reasons; Reasons to do what we love. Instead of spending pointless hours pushing to get nowhere. While conventional careers do afford stability and long term growth, what if the world ended tomorrow? Would you die without regrets?

2 – Plan how you’ll Stay on Track

Planning is nine tenths of the battle won

Make plans to start living your own dream and turn your passion into a business or career you love. This is the one crucial step we all need to take to turn our dreams into reality. 

Sadly, it’s also the most difficult.

Not a lot of people are willing to put in the hours to make sure their business or career takes off like they hoped it would. If you want to succeed you have to be willing to plan every step and hold yourself accountable. You need to reach your deadlines… otherwise they stretch out to infinity while you watch from the relative comfort of the bubble you know.

3 – Make Deadlines Profitable

When you start living your own dream you have to make sure you will be making money. Every step of the way. It’s pointless going bankrupt and ending up worse off than we started.

So we need to find ways of making money while we build up a name for ourselves. Things aren’t going to happen overnight (okay, they might, but that’s highly unlikely). So while you’re building yourself up, look for good ways to earn money. Even if your passion has to be a side hustle at first.

4 – Do the Side Hustle Thing

A lot of start-ups fail because they go all in from the very beginning. A lot of businesses also go belly up in the first two years, because they run into unforeseen problems. So, if you can side-hustle your way through the rough patches and make the final shift once things are already up and running, you’ll have a much bigger chance of pulling through.

This is also a nice way to find ourselves in our new career. Making big changes, while absolutely amazing, can also be very stressful. By taking things slow and steady we not only build our stamina and skill, but we also allow ourselves time to adjust.

5 – Look at the Facts, Don’t just Follow Dreams that Lead Nowhere

Sometimes we want things to be a certain way so badly that we refuse to see what is right in front of us. This is especially true when we’re planning our dream careers. We either think we can, when we can’t; or we think we can’t, when we’re actually more than capable.

By looking at the facts, and doing our research, we can make much better plans. Plans that are meticulously thought out and well considered often succeed.

6 – Don’t Stop Believing, You Can Start Living Your Dream

So once all the thoughts are on paper, it can start looking like a massive mountain. An insurmountable mountain… And so our enthusiasm wanes and our dreams get shoved to the back burner AGAIN!

It’s very important to remember that even if life gets in the way from time to time, you have a lot of time to work on your dreams. If we think about our dreams a little bit every day we start to activate our subconscious. When our subconscious starts believing that we can reach our dreams, we start seeing opportunities that keep us on track instead of excuses and obstacles. And that’s where the magic starts happening and things just fall into place.

7 – Find your Flock

Sometimes the most scary obstacle to face is that we think we might just not be good enough. By that I mean “good enough to earn a living doing what we love”. It’s scary when we stand there on the edge and there’s absolutely no-one flying with us.

So while it’s important to follow your own dreams, ignoring the 9-5 mentality, it’s equally important to find people that are on a similar journey as you.

Whether you join a facebook group or meet up with a bunch of like minded people once a month to help keep you accountable and keep you on track, make sure you are surrounding yourself with people that understand your vision. I found my Solopreneur Tribe by accident when I went on the search for a Digital Marketing Mentor!

8 – Get a Mentor

Pick someone from your flock that you look up to and ask them for help. Look for a person that knows what they’re doing and has been doing it for some time. The “more experienced” they are the better. 

Mentors show us our mistakes before we even make them. A good mentor will also be there to help us pick up the pieces when we do fall.

9 – Find a Way

 You've got your dreams

The biggest thing to remember when starting our own adventures is that there is always a way. If we want something with enough passion we will find a way to make it work.

“Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.”

Will Rogers

Get ready to put in long hours to stay on track, but also make time to enjoy the journey. The more connected we are to our passion, the more we believe in it, the more ways we will find to make it a reality every single day. And the more we believe in ourselves, the more we start acting in a way that brings our dreams closer.

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