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Unlocking Intuition through our Chakra’s, Sound & Frequency

In the energetic realm, everything vibrates. When we harmonise with that frequency our intuition is heightened, resonating with the world around us.

Some of us remember floating in the primordial ooze where we just KNEW. We knew the things, the things made sense to us. All the things just were. We were at peace and time… Well, it went on and stood still. But that’s a subject for a different day.

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How are you feeling today? Are you calm and cool like before you were born? Or, have you become so caught up in your day to day life and the crazy things that are happening in the world that you’re chasing time with what if’s? Could too much focus on what’s outside of us be blocking our intuition?

We all become caught up in the stories the world tells us, of our society, our community, and even ourselves. We build our own story into this scene. We decide what is right and wrong and act accordingly. We play our part in the stories that are unfolding. But sometimes our role becomes tainted.

Ego and the Self

Our egos are the roles we play in our lives. Naturally, we want to be the best person we can be. But a funny thing happens when we try to be another person’s version of the best. We feed our need for outside validation and suddenly we aren’t being true to ourselves. When this happens our we make it difficult for our intuition to communicate with us.

We start acting out of ego drives. We don’t want to be the best version of ourselves, suddenly we just want to be the very best. We place our own value in the hands of others. And the kicker is, we base our value on what we believe they believe of us, and often it isn’t really even what they really think of us.

And so we build our own cages. Isolated from the truest expression of ourselves, from the intuitive guidance and unconditional love of our highest self.

The Self

The Self is that part of you that’s really you. A lot of psychologists call it the Inner Child. It’s that little part of us that can remember what it was like to float around in the formless. Where we were peaceful and part of everything and things just flowed…

The Birth of the Ego

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When we were born, we retained this connection with the formless everything, our intuition communicated with us and through us with ease. But then we learned that the world and its expectations of us meant that meeting those expectations equalled survival…

Before we learned this we were completely content acting on our instinctual impulses generated from within while in alignment with the formless. The world of form requires us to take care of our bodies in order to survive. And as we learn what brings physical affluence, we were unintentionally taught through our need for survival in society that we are in it for ourselves, and the better we are at whatever we do, and the more acclaim we get for it, the better off we will be. The more secure our futures are. 

But in this mad race for survival, for acceptance, for acclaim… we often forget to listen to our Selves.

The Power of Intuition

Our intuition is that voice inside of us that tells us what’s right or wrong for US. It’s the voice that guides us on our own unique path. In the realm of the formless, it speaks louder than our egos. The musings of matters formulated by our brains are ultimately just painted onto the energetic canvas of the formless.

On the other hand, our Intuition stems from the very cloth of the canvas, where we are seamlessly woven into the fabric of existence itself. Our subconscious and intuition are what guides us towards our ultimate purpose in the realm of form. It goes above and beyond anything we think or experience in the physical world.

That’s why we feel more fulfilled and whole when we follow our intuition instead of our ego.

The Spiritual Path

In the energetic realm, everything vibrates. When we follow our spiritual path, we feel ourselves resonating with the world around us. Everything becomes more vibrant and we feel energized and ready to face whatever challenges come our way. Our bodies are healthy and our chakras are balanced.

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But when we let our egos rule our internal worlds and govern how we perceive the external world, we lose sight of our Selves and lose our way on our path. Things that would have flowed naturally now take a lot more effort to achieve. Our bodies aren’t vibrating in harmony with our surroundings and we feel sluggish and drained.

We’re mostly drained because of the effort it takes to manifest from a physical effort, instead of an energetic one. When we are on our spiritual path and our energy is in harmony with the world, we don’t need to use our minds to think of ways to make things work, where we constantly worry about “what if this” or “what if that”. 

When we are listening to our Selves, stress and overthinking fall away. Reaching our goals becomes effortless as our subconscious and intuitive Selves lead us along the canvas we have already been woven into.

“Has a sound ever made you feel something unusual? It’s funny how certain sounds, like screeching tires, can cause fear and panic, while others, like the sound of crashing waves, can help you relax.” -How Do Solfeggio Frequencies Work with Distance Reiki Treatments?

Unfortunately, it isn’t always so easy to get back to our primal, energetic state where we are in sync with everything around us. Our subconscious can undermine our efforts from time to time as we hold onto ego responses. 

So how do we unlock our Intuition?

There are plenty of ways to reconnect with our Selves. For example chakra cleansing or reiki. 

“Chakras are energy centers in our bodies where energy and matter intertwine. They are the portals between our physical bodies and the energy that surrounds us. Like a link between us and the very many realms that exist inside and outside of us.”Why Do Chakras Get Blocked And How To Unblock Them

But one of the most researched ways to heal our Selves is by listening to certain sounds.

That’s why I use Solfeggio and Binaural Beats to assist me in my healings.

From an energy-body perspective, sound is the one modality that crosses into both layers of the canvas that is our lives seamlessly. It affects us both physically and energetically. In fact, sound is so adept at releasing the grip of the “physical burden” that it has been shown to dissolve degenerative dissease.

As we listen to certain frequencies, quantities, and qualities of sound, our body vibrates. At certain volumes, you can feel the physical effects of the sound on your body. This is when the sound is vibrating your cells and organs. This is when the sound is resonating with your frequency.

Interestingly, foreign bodies inside you like cancer, and other forms of toxic build up, destabilize and die at certain frequencies. And of all things, the human voice is the one sound that has the best results. 

How does Sound Unlock our Intuition?

When we are trying to build a life from ego we neglect our Selves by blocking out our intuition, we make room for stagnant energy. As we deny parts of our Selves our chakras become blocked and over time that part of our Selves goes into hiding, and on a physical level we start becoming ill.

Our subconscious becomes clouded with ego responses and over time we become a husk of our former selves. Our TRUE Selves.

But listening to certain frequencies and tones cracks that shell. Whether on a physical or energetic level. Our inner Selves start shining through more and more.

Have you ever noticed an upset child hum the same note over and over? This is especially noticeable in autistic children. They tend to curl into a ball and just rock back and forth making a noise. Not screaming, not throwing a tantrum, they just sit there and “sing” to themselves. That sound is working on a deeper level to soothe and harmonize their state of being.”How Do Solfeggio Frequencies Work with Distance Reiki Treatments?

Finding Our Way Home

Unlocking our true Selves and our Intuition doesn’t happen overnight. We need to take a journey back to the thread that is ours. Getting back to the place where we feel at peace and one with the world looked after and cared for, is easier with the help of sound. 

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